Terms and conditions relating to my works

Standard copyright applies to all of my works. The accessibility of works to the public confers no changes to the rights provided as such.
I am the sole rights holder and nobody may act as my agent or representative, legal or otherwise.
These rights may be modified only through explicit, legally-binding contract or license (provided explicitly with each work), signed or provided by me.
Notes, markings, or metadata provided by or attached on any site/platform are to be considered invalid and ignored should they confer exceptions, grants, or otherwise run counter to the terms set out here.

Exceptions / Grants

  • You can use my free and publicly accessible artworks for simple and common personal use such as banners and profile pictures.
    I only ask that you refrain from doing so with any artwork featuring Himari.
    • Such use must remain personal and legal. It can not be used directly or indirectly in or as part of a product, service, or any other activities which would lead to economic or other gains (including but not limited to video thumbnails), nor to cause confusion, misrepresent, impersonate, or otherwise deceive anyone.
    • This personal use grant does not apply to artwork that isn't made freely accessible by me through one of my platforms.
      Content such as commissions, creator crowdfunding platform posts/rewards (patreon, ...), etc do not enjoy this grant.


  • Reposting or redistributing my works is not allowed for any reason, by anyone, under any circumstance. This includes boorus and similar platforms.
    If you've previously received such permissions in any way, consider them revoked from 2022/11/13 onwards and please remove the relevant posts.
  • Commercial use, direct or indirect, of my artworks is strictly prohibited without express consent. Contact me to discuss licensing.
  • Any form of use in "AI" datasets, training, or generation (img2img, etc) is strictly prohibited under all circumstances, no exceptions.
  • I do not create or distribute NFTs, merch, prints, tutorials, or anything related, and do not allow my work to be used in this manner.
  • All limitations and clarifications apply also to any portion of my work and any portion of data derived of the full or part of my work.
If you find any violation of these terms, please report it and notify me.
Contact/連絡: contact@noccu.art
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